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Thirteen 13 hosted by Martin OldGoth
88 likes Radio Show
Join us every Monday night at 9pm PST on  http://XStreamRadio.net.   DJ Martin Oldgoth pulls out the darkest sounds from the back of his sofa, dusts them off and plays them to you in all their raw glory... a mix of the best in new and old dark alternative sounds, from goth to billy, but skipping past the metal and bleepy stuff. For more stuff and to contact him for requests head to www.martinoldgoth.co.uk
Martin Oldgoth
Abram Hartley
Have a Drink with Drak
97 likes Radio Show
Live from Vinyl Solution every Saturday Night at 9pm PST with a rebroadcast at 9AM GMT on http://XStreamRadio.net / 87.9FM Huntington Beach CA. Drak spins rare and classic vinyl while sharing his unique history of the bands, the albums and the music.
Radio Dramedy
93 likes Radio Show
Dave theDramedy (from the band The Dramedy) spins his favorite tracks from various genres of rock. A place where hearing Nine Inch Nails, Sandie Shaw, Public Enemy, Zodiac Mindwarp and Joni Mitchell in one sitting is not out of the ordinary. Album gems? Yes! B-Sides? Definitely! Live tracks and remixes? Cool deal! At RADIO DRAMEDY there are not limits, the lines dividing the mainstream and underground are blurred. Email: davethedramedy@xstreamradio.net Website: www.thedramedy2014.bandcamp.com  Instagram: @thedramedy Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedramedy2014 Twitter: @radiodramedy #thedramedy #dramedy#radiodramedy#xstreamradio#awesome#listen#alternative#britpop#hardrock#punkrock#sixties#fifties#seventies#eighties#nineties#underground#independent#diy#support#checkout#dance#industrial#gothrock#airwaves#radio
Adelle Castro
Funeral Riot
98 likes Radio Show
Funeral Riot Every Friday Night at 9PM PST on http://XstreamRadio.net - Huntington Beach CA DJ Mange Vorhees takes over the HB AirWaves with two solid hours of #Deathrock  #PostPunk #OldSchool #Goth and #New #Horror #Punk on XstreamRadio.net  Dj Mange takes over the HB AirWaves with two solid hours of Deathrock, Post Punk, OldSchool Goth and New Horror Punk.
Mange Vorhees
Vinyl Solution HB
Specialties Used and rare VINYL and CDs- punk, new wave, rock, country, soul/funk, we have it all! T-shirts, patches, pins/badges, stickers, magnets, collectables, books, and a 99cent record section. Also sell turntables and stereo equipment, fully guaranteed! History Established in 1989. After closing Neal's Records in LA in 1987, DRAK moved to Orange County to open a store of his own. He opened Vinyl Solution in 1989 in Huntington Beach, California. DRAK chose the name "Vinyl Solution" as the solution for your vinyl needs, at the time we did not sell CD's or tapes, just VINYL!! The has had a store roster of many types of people from various backgrounds, genders, races, skin colors, sexuality, and whatever word you can use to classify people. Claims of a racist background in the store and a relation to the "final solution" used by the nazis are completely untrue... Vinyl Solution is one of the most liberal, political, and outright badass stores around!! Meet the Business Owner DRAK Business Owner After moving from Neal's Records in LA to Orange County, DRAK aka Darren O'Connor started Vinyl Solution in 1989
Adam Hamel

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