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by on Yesterday, 6:38 pm
Heaven to Such Beauty What more is there to say? Nothing but to remember what I lost Maybe better I head your way Losing this world not too high a cost. For the place that you now occupy There I will find my purpose renew So, from here to you will gladly fly Building on the love we once here knew. And the stars are calling me in the night For among them your spirit does live And the one that's brightest in your sight Heaven to such beauty can only give.
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by on August 27, 2019
Seeing You Again You looked as radiant as the summer sun Except the sun’s rays not as bright  As your affection that through my soul run That reaches into the outer bounds of night. And seeing you I realize how much I miss  All these days so empty without your embrace  When you were here dreaming about your kiss  Now, only see, without you, an empty place.  Tonight, distance only makes my hurt more real  That I have to hope my dreams will redress  What the day denies the night c...
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by on August 27, 2019
Have Not Forgotten I have not forgotten about you Any more than the day can forget the sun Or the moon through the night shining through For from your spirit they run. Don’t think Time has gotten in the way My heart to it can’t be controlled But must give way to a power it can’t sway For our love will past it’s reach still hold. Any more than a Robin's notes can’t sing Or the waves forget to roll into the shore The music that soothes my soul always bring While on the banks your...
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by on August 19, 2019
Love Like This Hello, beautiful, I still see you You cannot ever totally go away Because even when my day is through At night in my dreams you will stay. How could the morning come otherwise? But knowing that your spirit in me live The sun's glow could never match that of your eyes And so much more brightness to my day give. So, I must in my life your spirit preserve But, for this I have no fear For this world as your gateway serve For no matter how far, you still are here H...
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by on August 17, 2019
Embrace There are other days to come All while you’re not here So don’t ask why to sorrow succumb The price of this loss was too dear. So, I must live for the time to me allowed But, each minute more than I care Until that last when to eternity bowed And find that you are there. So, I go on and there are days to forget Except deep in my heart I know That Time does not heal but my appetite whet When it counts my life no more and to you go. This life may be a dream rounded in ...
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by on August 16, 2019
Only our Affection Appear I know I can’t talk about this How wrong it can be But your presence miss Because you came to see me. Still, I know this is wrong I must shake this away What our hearts long Society stands in the way. And this may be right You must first grow for me to know Except in your sweet sight All this logic can’t go. So, what else can I do? Except to write this futility here Until the next time I see you And only our affection will appear.
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by on August 10, 2019
A Young Spirit You promised you would return I looked up to see and there you were A sweet young spirit the cosmos would yearn Yet here you came for one heart to stir. Worlds apart, yours only beginning Mine unraveling but then I hear your voice That tells my heart the hope you are bringing That our lives we live according to our choice. I know how this violates social convention I guess people will never understand To this spirit never paid much attention But, instead...
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by on July 21, 2019
Life Without Love I know what life without love is A poor poet struggling for tools to find Never needed when I tasted your kiss Then inspiration would never leave me behind. I could compare you to a summer's day And show how you were more fair Now this world only gets in the way And Heaven's gain, for you are there. Yes, to our love these words could be a testament And, if read, give new life to you But when I close the page you are absent Mere lines to express my love will never do. L...
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by on July 5, 2019
Stereotype I learned long ago that I am your stereotype Walking by hide your purse This talk of diversity all hype If you don’t fit, it only gets worse. And those who are guilty look free Keep what is precious, from me, away Maybe because you are too ugly to see That beauty around you finds, in me, its way. Oh, I drive a fast car proves the point But that lady behind the Porsche is cool Man, I look always ready to smoke a joint While you try to figure me, you play the fool. ...
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by on July 4, 2019
Resurrected The pain is too real to let go Too real for me to forget Everywhere I look your face show And my appetite for eternity whet. This love that I had was too strong And everything else weak For only in your arms did I belong This world only through your voice did speak. And each day only reminds me of this pain While the night's dreams offer no relief Because when I awake won’t see you again As long as I live here only know grief. To me Time will offer no solace As ...
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by on June 30, 2019
Away You Flew Each day you come closer to me You must find that I am okay So you bring closer your beauty But, still, you do not stay. So how much worse I feel To think you’d bring your song When far away such hope less real And only for your music long. But if you come too close, I'm done For you can then take my heart With love no one has ever won Near or far, from love never apart. You are that bird my heart caught My life through your love grew I gambled on the joy you...
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by on June 25, 2019
Can’t Stop Thinking About You I can’t stop thinking about you That’s like not hearing a bird sing Its melody my heart passing through And no pleasure to me will bring. It is like not feeling the light from the sun Its rays not touching down into my soul Not feeling the warmth of everyone But only a cold darkness I know. Like not appreciating the Rose's beauty Its radiance, instead, passing me by But her garden only barren to me And in the midst of such beauty cry. Like not l...
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