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Lives in HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, United States.
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by on August 29, 2020
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by on August 10, 2019
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by on March 17, 2019
Let’s face it: California stumbled out of the gate with its 2018 launch of regulated cannabis. Tax revenues of about $345 million in 2018 were a far cry from the $1 billion expected. Most California consumers still live in municipalities without dispensaries, due to defiantly anti-cannabis city councils and NIMBY objections. Megafarms are flooding an already oversupplied market. And illicit marijuana sales still dwarf those from the licensed market, with no sign of slowing. Industry expert...
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by on November 15, 2018
Ad Campaigns You can promote your original content with our advanced ad campaigns. The ads can be targeted to audiences base on their location, gender, and even their age group.   ...
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by on October 17, 2018
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by on September 9, 2018
Brickbats - 364 Nights to Go  Cemetery - Where the Worms Never Die  Samhain - Moribund  Cemetery Sex Cult - See You In Disneyland  Nosferratu's Funeral Riot ...
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by on July 23, 2018
“Golden Gaze” is the brand new single from Max And The Stereo Films, taken from the band's brand new album “The Cow Divorced Me”. Hailing from Kaliningrad, Russia, “Golden Gaze” was a hit single for Ian Brown and this exciting new version features Angus Wallace (Prodigy), who added his programming along with Mike Bennett (Wishbone Ash, Alan Keary, Intastella, Jah Wobble) on production. Loved by young college girls and wise professors, intellectuals and hipsters, guys from pubs and homebird...
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by on May 15, 2018
The cloudy skies vanished, as the show began to shine. We arrived to the Like Totally 80's Festival while Tiffany kicked off the event, playing her hits songs and ending with "I think we're alone now". As the bands played we wandered through the many the merchant tents to find a local "event only business" Vinyl Obsessions where Shane aka Djdingbat (xstreamradio.net) found a few rare gems to take home. Concessions offered a variety of drinks, food that could satify nearly any craving. The ful...
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by on May 1, 2018
Buy Now here on BandCamp! Nuanced, seductively crafty and filled with future sounds from way out. To be honest as lily-white, this intoxicating and saucy music is as groovy and hip as auditory interstellar fractals. Perfect for a smoldering shag or a chill out head bopping secene, you dig? Are you hep to this jive? "Plauge Eighteen" has all the freak out sounds to cut loose and get crocked. Taking you down carefully through nitty-gritty jams that everyone from mop-tops to flap-jaws and even f...
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by on March 31, 2018
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by on January 2, 2018
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by on August 28, 2017
Punk is alive and well at the It's not Dead Festival 2017 Arriving at the festival, we managed to find parking near the back of the Main Stage near the press tent. We assumed the press test would be swarming with bands and press, but when we arrived, the tent was empty and we had just missed the ADICTS by about 3 minutes, so we decided to go check out the festivities. ...
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