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by on May 15, 2018
The cloudy skies vanished, as the show began to shine. We arrived to the Like Totally 80's Festival while Tiffany kicked off the event, playing her hits songs and ending with "I think we're alone now". As the bands played we wandered through the many the merchant tents to find a local "event only business" Vinyl Obsessions where Shane aka Djdingbat (xstreamradio.net) found a few rare gems to take home. Concessions offered a variety of drinks, food that could satify nearly any craving. The full bar was readily stocked and there was never a long wait. For events, the pricing was well worth the service and quality. The Official Merch Booth had a decent selection of the performing bands T-shirts and miscellaneous merchandise. The event setting was classic 80's with rubiks cubes, pacman and other favorites placed throughout the event that set the vibe for the entire day. We had the pleasure to meet and chat with the many musicians who performed. The quality of the sound production, stage management and over all presentation of the show was top shelf, and it helped created the energy that built up through the day until the headlining act The Human League went on stage. The place was packed and no one was sitting, as The Human League opened their set with Mirror Man, followed by Heart Like a Wheel and Sound of the Crowd. After a short break they played Seconds, Lebanon, Human, Open Your Heart, Love Action and Tell Me When. Then it was time for Fascination, the entire crowd cheered as they segued into Don't you want me. The crowd not waiting, began to sing the lyrics and was louder then the band as we all sang along. It was then that Philip Oakey came to the side of the stage and waved and acknowledged all of us with a smile and wave as he finished off the set with crowd shouting and clapping for an encore. Finishing the epic show with Electric Dreams, the lights went down as they quickly left through the back exit. Shane aka "DjDingbat" (xstreamtradio.net) stated the The Human League performance was on his "bucket list" and we all feel the same way. It was an pleasure to be there to enjoy all the artists and bands who performed for everyone. We'd like to thank Scott and Vanessa for such a well run and fun event, and we look forward to see what they're planning in the future.
256 people like this.
Mike Spent
Dang looked rad Was In Mexico though Next year
256 people like this.
Mike Spent
Dang looked rad Was In Mexico though Next year