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by on June 25, 2018
Living Dream
So tired but don't want to sleep
Awake, despite how weary a chance to live
While asleep no more hope I can keep
My eyes better open so one more effort give.
Succumbing to my dreams all I wish may come true
What in this difficult world is now denied
But, even if this realm brings me to you I see you
In the sober morning know my dreams have lied.
And though I am weary ready for this temptation
Something inside of me makes me fight
For it is only here I can realize my affection
Having you a dream that wakes in the morning light.
This place is where my worries have to face
And why to the night should not succumb
For it is here that I can truly feel your embrace
And the illusory escape of the night overcome.
Post in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature
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325 users reacted to this
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