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by on June 29, 2018
There is Something Happening Here
There's something happening here
Not like it hasn't happened before
But this time it is crystal clear
We can't take too much more.
But now we are too much on a divide
You don't know who you think you know
You thought they were cool but on the other side
Unity from such discord can never grow.
Everyone has to, on one thing, agree
This country is facing an ominous change
Forgetting how many sacrifices to make us free
Funny how shallow politics our sacred freedom rearrange.
Pretty soon there will be a man with a gun over there
Telling us all we all have to get in line
Will it be us or them shouting “You got to beware!”?
On whose side will the resistance be behind?
And the political divisions will come to a head
I will listen to those who sing freedom's song
That to keep our liberty this truth said
Nobody is right when everybody is wrong.
And so we must get past what is making us blind
Knowing freedom is a battle continually waged
For the stakes are no less than our humankind
And for this our destiny will be ultimately engaged.
Posted in: Poetry