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by on July 6, 2018
Your Love Inspire
It is what is in my heart that matters most
Not the fact that here what it feels convey
For without my love this verse but an empty host
It is only because it exists I have something to say.
You are the colors that paint this page's canvas
The music that gives its sweetest melody
Without you mere words no meaning pass
Only your love turns them into a rhapsody
You are the waves that gently brush the shore
The morning sun that cradles the day
If I know you are here need nothing more
These words merely pave the way.
You are why the meadows so plush and green
Why the flowers that bloom they adorn
Without you this image, here, never seen
For only through your beauty is it borne.
You why the stars give birth to romance
Why without you but a colorless night
For to love's hope give its brightest chance
But, only if your essence on them alight.
Why on this earth the seasons turn
Without you the only one left be cold
There is only one reason for them to yearn
With you here every season warm when you I hold.
That Heaven even exists because only of you
The one angel it could never do without
Its spirit lives only because yours shines through
With love like yours of such divinity have no doubt.
So, what is read here your love inspire
These words only the gateway to our passion
Else an empty page without my desire
Only complete because of our affection.
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Topics: nature, poetry, romance, love
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