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by on July 8, 2018
I Met this Woman
I met this woman who could never be mine
But, I love her anyway
Love never holds the line
But crosses it everyday.
I can't stop thinking about you
And, in my dreams, you more freely live
For what can't be here there true
And what passion can't share, here, in them give.
What is this feeling that defies logic or convention
That, when its prospects dim, still makes them bright?
Why would I sacrifice all for this affection
Why stake life's beauty for a glimpse of your sight?
I can't rationalize or justify what’s beyond meaning
When I see you nothing in my life exists
Then this world's finest treasures don't equal this feeling
Its spirit and mystery only through your love subsists.
I met this woman not so long ago
But, then my life past her cannot see
Why, to what I cannot have, cannot let go?
In all this world, you mean the most to me.
Keywords: poetry love, romance nature
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature