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by on July 13, 2018
Meant to Be
I tried to let you go as painful it could be
Yet, I thought, despite reservations, let you go
First, it seemed that you, from me, would be free
But, when I looked again your image still show.
Having failed, despite wrong , I cannot try this again
To see you back I will not, through such trial, undo
Now. I wish what returned is only destiny's refrain
That no matter what obstacles will be with you.
I will wake up to see if this miracle didn't disappear
I will sleep in apprehension no matter how deep
Looking past any worry that you will still appear
Hoping that tomorrow this day's miracle will keep.
Is it an overreaction what has, today, transpired?
An accident your image the morning won't erase
Because life revolves around the one most desired
My doubts dissolve when, again, I see your face.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, nature, poetry
192 people like this.
192 people like this.