by on July 14, 2018
Love is Never Altered
I love you, please don't ever let me go
Even when I am no longer here
My love for you will always know
This, not my leaving, is my only fear.
Love is never by anything here altered
For its spirit no earthly constraints transcend
But, despite all odds, it grows undaunted
Born of this earth, here will not know its end.
But, an unwavering mark, like a star in the night
That its fixed course never dulled or trimmed
But, when the day ends is still in my sight
So that even in the morning its brilliance undimmed.
I love you, this you should never deny
Even when our lives seem to be passing through
Proven when with my last syllable, your name sigh
As long as this world lives, so my love for you.
Posted in: Poetry

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