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by on July 19, 2018
Did I Say I Love You?
Did I forget to say, today, that I love you?
Then this world around Heaven no longer turns
And though the sun shines the sky not blue
Unless this place grants me what my heart yearns.
How could I forget what in my soul is ingrained?
Easier to forget that the night tomorrow bring
If that happened how much would I be pained
No matter how desolate you make my heart sing.
As the days go by and it seems your memory diminish
Everywhere I turn I still see you smiling there
Though the sun goes down its cycle cannot finish
Unless the love I feel for you in its light lay bare.
No, I won't let this day go without what you should know
Else, I will not, in the morning, see the sun, in its glory, rise
Everything I feel in my life through your love first flow
When the morning comes must first see it through your eyes.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, poetry, romance, love