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by on July 19, 2018
No Sweeter Penalty
That I love you must admit it
But, if guilty must be acquitted
For this is a crime that no punishment gives
Except confined to you my happiness lives.
Then, I will freely, to you, this sentence serve
A prisoner to the love that to its cell is bound
And feel fortunate that its confinement deserve
For only within its constraints is my purpose found.
Then, I will never, from its walls, wish to be free
Better to be imprisoned by love than free to misery
The punishment of being such a prisoner gladly bear
When in the warden's role I see you there.
So, I admit I love you and await your decision
That I must serve time as my defense disarms
Then the years will dissolve before our passion
And no sweeter penalty than lying in your arms.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, romance, love, poetry