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by on July 23, 2018

Summer Love 

Summer adorns herself in flowery fashion
With a strident sun in fields it runs free
No better season that can sow our passion 
Where in the summer rain huddle next to me. 

Where the birdsong's melodies freely sing 
The garment of a tapestry from nature sown 
But what she can boast is the love you bring 
In her gardens the flower of our love grown.

This day I have waited for will finally arrive 
Through autumn's chill and winter's cold
Yet, not in this budding landscape am most alive
But, what is warmest when your hand I hold. 

Now the ocean waves flow giddily under the sun
Her victory when the shore, its waves, sweep 
But, mine is when I realize you are the one 
And realize, beyond any season, I want you more. 

Posted in: Poetry
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