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by on July 23, 2018

By Ethan Indigo Smith

What is Sacred Geometry?

Saturday, July 21, 2018 14:10

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Sacred geometry can be understood as the study of spirituality and subtle energy through geometry. Sacred geometry and meditation assist the ascension of our understanding of spirituality and subtle energy. The Geometry of Energy How to Meditate unites sacred geometry concepts and meditation practices toward enhanced understanding of subtle energy, meditation and sacred geometry.  

“Let none ignorant of geometry enter.”

It’s said this phrase was above the doorway to Plato’s school of philosophy and metaphysics. Why is an understanding of geometry so important to gaining further knowledge of philosophy and metaphysics? When one understands geometry, and specifically the four dimensions of geometry, one can conceptualize the subtleties of different spaces, vibrations, and dimensions for one. 

You can connect with Ethan on Facebook, check out his author page on Amazon, or visit his new websites, Geometry Of Energy and Meditation 108, where Ethan offers lessons on individuation, meditation, the conceptualization of energy, and the metaphysical significance of 108.

Ethan’s books include:

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