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by on July 28, 2018

The Dublin Castle Rock and Roll Book Club is the book club for real rock and roll romantics, and this is our podcast. The CBGBs of London (The Dublin Castle, infamous North London pub and venue natch) is our launch pad, and the power of The Word and The Chord in sweet union is our mission.

In Episode 3 we welcome Sylvain Sylvain for an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of the launch this week of his much anticipated memoir 'There's No Bones In Ice Cream'. Sylvain's book is a touching and honest account of his time with the New York Dolls and the remarkable life he led on the way to creating one of THE most influentual and essential rock and roll bands ever to stagger down The Bowery on stack heels. No Dolls, no punk, simple as that. Seminal. Julie Hamill, Andy Dukey Duke and Tony Bugbear Gleed salute that beautiful trash littered narrative with Sylvain and give you news and views of forthcoming RNR Book Club events featuring The Damned, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and The Smiths. Inspired by brass wizard Terry Edwards, they even find time to salute the sass and sex of the saxophone. Much fun. Get The Horn right here.   

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