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by on August 8, 2018

Lofty Lines 

I have been away but not as far away as you 
I can come back but you are still not here 
Unhappy if not with me when this through 
Then whatever I write the cost too dear.

But, here I am where I can express my desire
Even if it will remain in barren lines unfulfilled 
Describing you, in this world, that most inspire 
And where my heart, past poor lines, most thrilled. 

I try, here, from this plain truth, to get away 
But, your absence only brings such pain
Before I thought, at least here, you would stay
I know now meaningless if I don't see you again. 

So, left where only poetry these words fashion 
But, if I can't have you only emptiness learn 
For not enough lofty lines show my passion 
Only If I hold the one that my heart most yearn. 

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: love, poetry, romance, nature