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by on August 8, 2018

To Your Love Bows

So, I  only want to hear the words, “I love you “
These are simple words, after all
But, when our history is through 
Only know by whether love rise or fall. 

And, in this, I am not the only one 
For such a feeling a king or an ordinary man agree 
For no kingdom is truly ever won
And mine only complete when you're with me.

And this world not defined by any possession 
Not its greatest expanse or power measure 
But first ruled by a single woman's affection 
For all else it claims, you the greatest treasure. 

And so, all that matters is but one thing 
What beauty on earth it first allows 
In this world most precious the love you bring 
That even Heaven, to your love, bows.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, romance, love, poetry
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