by on August 12, 2018

Love's Legacy 

Life flows around me but not in my heart
The sound and din of history 
But, its legacy empty if we are not a part.
And our future fruitful if yours with me. 

Where the greatest civilizations arise
They are meaningless to me without you
Did not Caesar submit before a queen's eyes?
And it was her conquest we see him through. 

And I can't suffer, yet, another ordinary day 
For the life you give makes it so much more
It is only fulfilling if with me you stay
For from earth to heaven you are the door. 

So, I watch the sound and frenzy all the while 
Of a world its finest and lowest moments shown
But, I will know its glory when I see your smile 
This world's legacy by love best known. 

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature

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