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by on August 13, 2018

All a Part 

There is this battle of which we are all a part
Whether we know it or not what role we play 
The winner the one with the truest heart 
Never caring for power but for a better way. 

It is not the odds faced that matter most
But the courage and conviction our dreams pursue 
And if we fall short, still, goodness found a host
But, if we succeed to our destiny proved true. 

And history has shown this struggle and sacrifice 
And those renowned because they knew the stakes 
It is not our personal success that for goodness suffice 
But, that we sacrificed all so our future brighter makes.

And soon time will judge the character of one
To see if, for the community, he is the champion 
For it will be learned that the battle is only begun
But, can only be won if this cause our own passion. 

Posted in: Poetry

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