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by on August 15, 2018

Long and Winding Road 

I wandered down this long and winding road 
Looking for love along the way
But the twists and turns should have told 
This is like finding a diamond in a field of clay 

Until, with the oak trees yawning, the day awoke
A spirit arose that its landscape stirred 
And then the songbirds with this message spoke 
In a melody that this earth now heard. 

Until I treaded to a lake's beckoning shore
Its rippling currents evoking an inner serenity 
No matter how difficult the travel something more 
This land's majesty complete when you're with me. 

And I learned that no road is ever so long and winding
As long as your love is its truest guide 
For there is no losing your way with what so binding 
And I will never be lost when you are by my side. 

Posted in: Poetry