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by on September 1, 2018
Never Measure
Time has been on its mission but why are you absent
Isn't love so strong that it can't leave you behind?
I have to believe because from Heaven you are sent
And Time, what's eternal, love's course cannot find.
Even when what the day puts in my way to forget
In my heart what I am feeling cannot, for long, hide
Anything that means the most to me your love let
What Time passes forgotten when you're by my side.
So, here you have reclaimed nothing removes
Even while all else goes forward I am trapped
Until rescued by the one my heart has moved
And Time stopped when in your arms wrapped.
So, this interlude always temporary
How can it forget one that I treasure?
For Time fails if it ignores your reality
A love like ours can never measure.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature