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by on September 6, 2018

It is Not the Night 

It is not the night whose solitude puts me to sleep
Where its dreams the landscape of our love
While in your arms this world's promises keep
Nothing more peaceful your presence does prove. 

It is not the morning gently unfolding to the day 
Where in its breadth our romance finds its ground 
But only complete when it is under your sway
Nothing more boundless than where you are found. 

It is not this world, Heaven's child, my life most gives
Born of a spiritual essence of such mystery 
But, is only fulfilled where your love lives
And its promise realized before such beauty. 

Where the stars find their home, you stand apart
For they can only highlight your own brilliance 
Revolving around the one who owns my heart 
Creation’s own bounds founded by our romance. 

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, poetry, romance, love