by On September 22, 2018

How Much Treasured 

So, that life is short we all know 

But this does not lessen its impact
Our faith tells us there is someplace else to go
But, that you will not be here a fact.

Now I learn that your lease here soon expire

And your debtor your time here will collect 
But forfeiting this also takes my desire
I would have other terms that I could select .

But, too late now, the judgment has come 

As I look at you, I must face this fact
That to your mortality will soon succumb 
But from my living soul also death exact. 

It pains me to realize I must let you go 

But, I should have known never had a chance 
When even love such a lesson will know
How much more treasured our romance. 

Topics: love, nature, poetry, romance