by on September 28, 2018

Endless Love 

You may leave me but your love can never let go 
Love does not bow to the cold whims of Time 
For as soon as I depart, here, to your arms go
And I will abandon all my sorrow in this rhyme. 

This world in all its vastness, still, a fleeting thing 
And all that consumes it, one day, will die
It only truly lives with the joy you bring
A joy I find in whatever place, with you, I lie. 

I realize that all life is but granted a lease
That, here born, will ultimately expire 
But, there can still be found a higher peace 
For my heart's terms not bound to Time’s desire. 

For love, this physical place, transcends
Despite, one day, its borders must leave
Borrowed from here, still, our love never ends
So, only in these passing lines grieve. 

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Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature
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22 people like this.

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