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by on October 15, 2018

Never Alive

I heard this Robin singing so melodiously
But, she is alone so only the woods and I can hear
I wondered what happened to her family
Would she sing more happily if they were here?

And though her chords reverberated in my heart
I, too, am in her isolated audience of one
From my humanity and my love so far
How more pleasant if from my life did not run?

And if her winged family arrives to hear her sing
How more buoyantly her notes will sound?
For to her serenade the harmony of happiness bring
From the depths of her heart the most joyous notes found.

And we both are here, alone, in this verdant haven
She singing as best she can whether her family can arrive
But, I should not wait for my love in Heaven
Else happiness hollow and live but never alive.

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