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by on November 11, 2018

Up to You

The election is over and still the wusses won
Some guy wants to run AG and he gets a pass
The Fake Media cowering as he come
No Senate approval, so kiss Trump’s ass.

Blue wave, except you listen to it a trickle
So you won, okay the Senate was stacked
But why does your coverage have to be so fickle
A win never properly called because courage lacked.

Let me give you the facts you miss
The people are divided but you only debate
Because to the elites' butts you still kiss
And you wonder why so many politics hate.

It is scary the future is in this government:s hand
When ruled by such cowards and sycophants
Even when the brave few take a stand
The rest bend over and bare their pants.

I watch California burning and wild men shooting
But, this is not enough for us to awake
And we gave Wall Street a pass to continue looting
While Trump calls on hi supporters to make America great.

Well, here is some real news you can take to heart
This American experiment is in jeopardy
This melting pot can’t last if its people driven apart
And before long will lose its liberty.

So America wake up and keep your beacon's light
Don’t let politicians and the media your spirit discourage
It is up to you to decide that our founders right
For our preservation always counted on your courage.

Posted in: Poetry