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by on November 17, 2018

Next to Me

When walking in the afternoon where early snow laid its carpet down
This serenity caresses me like the infant breeze that blows
I have to believe in such pristine beauty your spirit found
Cradled by the landscape my longing for such promise grows.

In what seems only natural surrounded by magnificence
The virgin snow glistening under the smiling sun
And beyond the regal trees sense your radiance
For paradise would surely be alone unless you are the one.

I continue basking in the blessing afforded me this day
Where the footsteps of life crossed such grandeur before
Their impressions making me think yours are heading to me
For this the perfect place to find the one that I adore.

And I travel forward alone where my own path left behind
The history of a man where nature reminded him of its mystery
Its legacy consummated when its most beautiful creature find
And the next time I travel its earthly heaven you are next to me.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature
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