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Derrick Laws
by on November 19, 2018

Between us have been the eons.
Before us the soft embrace
Hold me close as the dawn awakens
Release me before it leaves a trace
Our time is a dream we cherish
I am almost within you,
A touch away from grace.
The desire that haunts your senses,
The secret you secret away
Let go of inhibitions, my Love!
Let exhilaration play the game.
We are together against their wishes
Only Destiny to take the blame
No-one else will know the answer
To the questions that you will face
The heavens are open to reason
But hell is decided by fate
Among the fallen, in their world
We find sanctuary and escape
Look to where they can’t see
Hear what they cannot to say
You are the sweet song of a siren
Calling me closer, my heart begins to race
Gentle at first, we hear the call 
Making love together as retribution
Damned be the consequences
Damned be our souls
So the earth may tremble and quake
Condemning our affection
With torches in hand, they arrive
To save you from my tenderness
To save you from my life
I will be the one to hold you close

The spirit within your existence.
But beware the poison that I invoke
Where lives passion, there lies pain
That thrives within this fairytale;
This destiny that we have chosen.
Though, our pasts are very different, 
We are unbelievably much the same.
You are my solace in the darkness
I am the thunder throughout the rain
We are the shadows dancing together
Within this raging fire of endless desire, 
Savoring every sensual moment 
of everlasting change.

Posted in: Poetry
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