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Derrick Laws
by on November 19, 2018

As I slip into your room

And watch you sleep softly

I sing a lullaby

To enter your dreams

And try not to cry

For tomorrow comes near

It’s almost a new day

To begin your life, little one,

You are growing up, I fear…


And I don’t wanna say


But tomorrow comes near

I just want to stay

With you, stay right here


I hang on to this moment

But memories can fade

Turn away, but I look back

To gaze at your face

I linger with this minute

Because things cant stay the same

I hang on this moment,

Because everything will change


So don’t grow up,

Stay with me awhile

Warm my heart

With your sweet, sweet smile

We can laugh and play

All day long

Then snuggle up close

With hugs of a child,


I don’t wanna say


But tomorrow comes near

I just want to stay

With you, stay right here

I just want to stay

And pretend…

that this day

Will never end


Posted in: Poetry
Topics: heartcandy