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Derrick Laws
by on November 19, 2018

As bright as a shadow 
upon the midnight sky 
her omens are agents, 
as furies they fly. 
Seeking thy vision 
her passion, 
thy pain; 
screaming at silence 
as lightning to night. 

Agony's daughter 
so lonely she weeps 
mourning the roses 
who wilt at her feet. 
As rain bellows down 
beyond her gardens 
fate befalls flowers 
from tears they can't reach. 

Whisper her name 
as tongues of widows 
dancing with malice; 
the Ritual of Shadows 
She beholds the world sadly 
upon catching her glance, 
they dance around quickly 
and whisper, "Sweet Sorrow". 

Lords of the caverns 
of Echoes and Thunder 
strike at the storms 
to make water suffer. 
They say, "It is evil, 
It runs away from Heaven". 
The storm blows away 
as a wind helps a brother. 

In the driest desert 
there came upon a falcon 
a soft-spoken sparrow 
who told him of a fortune 
"Fly beyond the sand, 
fly beyond the mountains", 
with all vigor lost, 
he fell before the ocean. 

She once knew a giant 
his shadow, it conspired 
and lured him to look 
directly into fire. 
Engraved in his mind 
every life he had trampled. 
he now stands immobile 
sight his desire. 

I give you one warning, 
run away as we ride 
The steed of a horseman 
screams through the sky 
and the child of Agony, 
her footsteps behind us 
for the victims she suffers 
for the innocent she cries. 

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: heartcandy
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