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Derrick Laws
by on November 19, 2018

The hereafter is fashioned 
by the guile of the righteous 
It dwells through the ages 
as Hell's fury and conscious 
by the fears of those taught 
to obey without question 
the wisdom and thought 
of old books and aged sages. 

To govern what is learned 
and to consider which of deeds 
are seen noble or fiendish 
by the watchers so unseen, 
Who ascends or maybe burn? 
As our guilt turns into torment, 
we are given what is earned; 
Id's creation from their seeds. 

The shame of the sinner 
is measured in kind 
against actions of heroes, 
the lives they left behind. 
Our judgment is subliminal 
assessing sins by our sorrow, 
how heavy they weigh 
and how black is one's soul 

The final reminiscence 
before the murky beyond 
Is the ultimate justice 
from a world that's almost gone 
on what is deemed evil 
by words we've heard or read 
only from the living 
nothing's written by the dead. 

Our sentence will be given, 
as our fate is gradually told 
by the teachers of the children 
and the power they now hold. 
The last dream is driven 
by the memories of our past 
whether it dwells in hell or heaven 
This dream will be our last. 

The question of religion 
and of every person's fate 
is the verdict of true believers 
How they live is what awaits 
in the last moments of life 
they review all their actions 
and if the teacher has taught them 

how to love 

or how to hate.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: heartcandy
Scott Amidon
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Scott Amidon