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by on November 19, 2018

Your Love Still Grow

The choirs no longer sound the boughs are bare
Where once their winged hosts brought such song
From their verdant homes to fill the virgin air
And in this place, so desolate and dark, for you long.

For if I have back I feel the spring will return
And this rebirth in my soul will find fertile ground
To grow like the rose that to any heart yearn
It is in such a season of rebirth my love is found.

But, now the autumn here and the final leaves fall
Not before a final burst of radiance give
A reminder of the grandeur that before the winter call
And when that cold clime comes your beauty still live.

I wait for the winter's turn to make my day cold
Where flowers flourished their ground filled with snow
But the earth cannot discount the power of one I hold
And even in it darkest season, your love still grow.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, poetry, romance, love