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by on November 20, 2018

Most Prove

Soon, I will see you again and feel it now
Anticipation, exhilaration, at the prospect
For what is wrong and propriety disallow
But seeing you convention can’t affect.

I tried so hard to keep my feelings at bay
But knowing you will be there must ignore
Like denying the sun lights our day
Our distance only makes me want you more.

Only a few days that keep these feelings from fruition
I should obey society's rules and show restraint
Then you are before me and filled with exhilaration
To learn the rules that guide our heart too faint.

And my being flutters knowing what will be
In front of the one that my life most move
While knowing that I should bow to propriety
My love for you is what my life most prove.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature
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