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by on December 14, 2018


The boughs are only bare because their leaves have fallen
Where before the trees stood cloaked in green
And where the river once flowed now is frozen
Where on its summer banks shared a romantic scene.

And where I see only a few stars sparkle in the night
Where before weaved a necklace your beauty did adorn
Now when the morning comes and you are not in sight
All else comes alive but, here, our love no longer born.

And my dreams where you appeared only barren
While my thoughts of you time has only dimmed
How tragic that even in dreams can be forgotten
And as I pine for you the blossom of love trimmed.

Until I heard from you today and all became so meaningless
The boughs not bare but now full, the rivers freely flowing
The night beckons again before your unbridled radiance
And as the morning comes my love for you is growing.

And no need for dreams for I know your love is real
My thoughts of you this day makes them true
For you make it clear that, once more, your love feel
And teach me that past any doubt, always have you.

Posted in: Poetry

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