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by on December 30, 2018


Say this Plain

And I can’t live without you and say this plain
Not say like the earth without the sun
What I want to say without you feel such pain
The earth will still spin, but lose my only one.

And tonight I will sleep alone one more time
Not say I hope to see you in a dream
But pour my sadness in this plaintive rhyme
I may sleep but the morning sun without you gleam.

And I have another day to face without you here
Not say that my love preserved if someone read
But say that the prospect of not seeing you fear
These lines may stay but your love I now need.

And so this world empty when you’re love can’t give
Not compare this to a fertile ground now barren
Instead, my life is only full with the love you give
I long for your embrace where all else forgotten.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature