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by on January 2, 2019
Sonnet 342 (Your Love I Know)
The boughs are bare where late the birds once sang
And, too, the garden cold where flowers grew
And gone the warmth the day too me once brang
Those sunny days that I had spent with you.
And darkness falls where once the day so bright
The night too quickly ushered in its place
This world is best when in your eyes alight
And winter thawing where your beauty trace.
And you the sun where my own soul does live
Like birds that always sing their melody
So long you're here your life to mine does give
No day despair if you are next to me.
And though the boughs await new leaves to grow
For me they’re full as long your love I know.
Posted in: Poetry
Great poetry as always. Hows your new years going so far?
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Great poetry as always. Hows your new years going so far?