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by on January 7, 2019
What Is?
What is that sound that serenades my soul?
Not the bird's song that shares its melody
But your soothing voice that in my heart does grow
That whispers your sweet love for me.
What is that twinkling in the night?
Not the stars that point so far away
But your eyes in which I bask in your sight
That beckons me to your world to stay.
What is that motion that makes my heart yearn?
Not the Earth that around the Sun does move
But the way you walk that makes my head turn
And must go to your arms so my love prove.
What is that breathing that stirs the air?
Not the gentle breeze that brings its own bliss
But which comes from your lips more fair
That makes all in life still until I can kiss.
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Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature
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