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by on January 25, 2019

A Lovers Pact

You cannot leave my soul behind
For no happiness in this place will know
And where I look such love will not find
So where you are I will long to go.

The measure of my life the moments share
Empty if from this place you depart
Then the world still turning but I won’t care
For with all its wealth still missing your heart.

And I cannot imagine a life without your love
In fact, that would not be living at all
For every breath I take only my loneliness prove
Only waiting for my final night to call.

This is like a king with a kingdom that’s empty
Like Heaven where it angels no longer sing
Like a forest without a single tree
Or an ocean that to no harbor its waves bring.

Like a songbird whose notes find no melody
Like a garden where no flowers grow
Like the night where its stars no longer see
And the morning will no more know.

A canvas with no paint its borders can fill
A chest that is barren from its treasure
Like a wind whose sky is suddenly still
Like music without a measure.

Or a valley that finds no shade
Or a mountain that can’t touch the sky
A path with no destination laid
A bird with no place to fly.

Like the sun with no planets to turn
Or the stars the night's velvet sheath
A fire bereft of light that no more burn
Like the ground with no earth underneath.

Like a sailor's vessel whose star cannot steer 
Or a rainbow without the rain
Or a rising sun where no world appear
And the morning the day does not gain.

I cannot think life so cruel for this act
To take that for such purpose give
To sever a lovers' sacred pact
And expect me, without you, to live.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, love, romance, poetry
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