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by on February 8, 2019

In this Rhyme

With your spirit gone what else remain?
This world cannot its riches boast
For a jewel in sorrow's light but plain
When Life takes what you love the most.

I am but Death undone, an empty shell
A ghost where once my blood did flow
And doomed this lonely world to dwell
This burial ground no other death need know.

The most vivid sounds I hear but mute to me
Its brightest colors are only coldly dull
The only taste I have is for eternity
To take me from this place Life can’t fulfil.

Except I might not find your love, I fear
That final night no guarantee does give
Even without you, still know you are near
If I close my eyes, you may no longer live.

No, darkness, this soul you cannot steal
And I do not wish to bow to callous Time
Enough to know your love did once feel
And can still preserve you in this rhyme.

Posted in: Poetry