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by on March 2, 2019

Worth the Try

I lost you and all I lost is life
Not so urgent when you are gone
How trivial its triumphs and its strife
When hoping my days are not long.

Doesn’t matter I awake in the morning
What would I do with the rest of the day
Spend it over your memory mourning?
Then it is better I am out of the way.

I feel death all around me but it’s cowardly
It leaves me to only feel its cold breath
I know only too well what it asks of me
I could oblige, if only I knew love's breadth.

For only the chance of having you will do
To leave this behind though, broken, live
I would leave Heaven to be here with you
For Heaven is only where your love give.

So, I am hanging on to each day to find
Only in its emptiness to ask why
Shall I see if this world will prove kind
Or was it even worth the try?

Topics: poetry, nature, romance, love