by on March 8, 2019


She traipses on sunbeams like a spirit, here, free
And Heaven an angel like this must surely miss
And in her beauty nowhere else need to be
For I am in Heaven with only her kiss.

She rides rainbows until she follows the sun
Their colors her aura's brilliance transcend
And with the sky now clear she the only one
That to the day her beauty lend.

She skips so daintily across the ocean crests
Like a sea nymph goddess of modern lore
So to the mystery of this world she attests
And to the lure of her arms seek nothing more.

She is the twinkling of the stars that nightly glow
That beckons to an adoring moon
And her radiance I wish in me, too, show
This mortal man her beauty swoon.

She flies across each constellation
Showing fair Venus a rival's light
And the one I wish to show her affection
Our starry love completing the night.

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