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by on March 16, 2019

Your Kiss

I tried to say goodbye but not easy to let go
Anyway, what I feel, could it ever be realized?
It would be some different place to show
Even then would I get one I most prized?

I decided I should leave your beauty
For some other man to happily discover
Then the wisdom of my decision you would see
I could never be your lover.

So, now I will go but not before you, one last time, turn
To let see one that I must leave behind and miss
And for what might have been will always yearn
Your lips I will never have the chance to kiss.

Now, I realize that I will not see you again
And never stopped to think what you might feel
I hope only another guy suffering this pain
But, how much worse if this love for you as real?

How can I get these lines to you in my absence
Will you, one day, read what never came to be?
A fantasy that never blossomed into romance
These lines the closest thing to bring you to me.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature