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by on March 24, 2019

Your Light

Your light cannot go out on me
Or else the darkness should have remained
For if you go it will be all I see
Better no light known so my heart not pained.

Like the universe without the sun
What life could exist around?
All its planets dead without that shining one
For only from its essence is their life found.

Like the Mariner without his guiding Star
Stranded at sea unable to find the shore
But needs its radiance no matter how far
That brings him to a place where his peace restore.

Like the Rose that awaits the Spring
And the Robin where the boughs now green
Waiting for that season that new life bring
Else their beauty never heard or seen.

So, please from my life, don’t take away your light
And leave me in the dark so alone and cold
Else I would rather follow you in your flight
And, if not here, in that bright realm hold.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature