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by on April 2, 2019

Do Not Wade Into the Night

I do not want you to wade into the night
While the tide of life tries to sweep you away
As long as the sun's rays are shining, for the last one, fight.

For if you go into that dark sea and make that fateful flight
The oceans' waves on Earth are held at bay
For they can only truly flow within your sight.

And this a barren world that only you make bright
For its life only teems in the wake of your way
The tides that rise and fall only you make right.

On that other shore your spirit will alight
Another realm that to your being must obey
To be swept away by your beautiful might.

Then why does Time this tide try to fight
When your love here does best display
Why against my love the darkness fight?

So please don't let the darkness with my loss unite
Deny it what this sea of life does sway
But remain here and its dark realm blight
And prove your love with me on this shore stay.


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65 users reacted to this