by on April 6, 2019

The Reason

I see you in the sun’s rays that on this earth fall
In the clouds that decorate the sky
I hear you in the birdsongs that your melody call
And in the ocean waves that make me sigh.

I feel you in the warmth the spring does bring
I see you in the flowers that begin to grow
I fly with you with the birds that take wing
To the warmth of your love that will know.

This world can turn but its journey not complete
And the sun that it circles not the true center
For it is with you that they must compete
This universe only lives when your spirit encounter.

I only feel alive when I know you are around
Whatever I see, no matter how full, to me empty
The reason for my being only with your love found
The purpose of my life is that you are with me.

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Topics: nature, poetry, love, romance
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