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by on April 7, 2019

When in your Arms

And any instruments chords only appreciated through you
For the music they make is our rhapsody
Or else their sounds through my heart can’t break through
For even your simplest words sound the finest melody.

And any flowers that grow need more than the spring
But our romance the fertile field they best grow
And as splendid the rose not equal to the beauty you bring
And the most decorated gardens pale to the splendor you show.

And when the summer comes its warmth only with you appreciate
For its hottest days not rival our passion's fire
And even its longest days for your appearance must wait
For they only give more time to feed our desire.

The night comes but its canopy you provide
I look above but only through your eyes see the moon
And the stars only shine brightest when you are by my side
So they are only the heavenly servants when, in your arms, swoon.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, romance, love, poetry