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by on April 10, 2019

Six years ago, Derek Amato slipped and fell head first into the shallow end of a pool. Upon awakening, he discovered that he had "over night" became a piano prodigy.

His injuries were quite significant. He suffered a severe concussion, hearing difficulties, as well as memory loss.

However, what happened wasn't expected by anyone, as it  shocked the Scientific world!

Just a few days after the "accident" as Amato was recovering, he decided to sit down at a piano for the very first time since his accident and then proceeded to play an original composition he had just wrote in his head. Being someone with no musical training or known talent, this is absolutely spectacular.

Despite this story being born out of a tragic situation, this is one of those eye opening moments. It's still a puzzle as to how Amato received his new abilities. 

While it might seem like a good idea to hit your head to become a star, we here at the X Stream Network recommend against trying this at home. 

#musician #accident #piano

Topics: accident, musician, piano