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by on April 11, 2019

JEFF BEZO is listening and has hired thousands of workers around the world to review private Alexa conversations in order to identify possible domestic terrorists, Bloomberg reported.

Amazon had never before disclosed that it has human workers listening to your private Alexa chats.

Amazon's goal is to create a world wide network of millions of workers around the world who listen to and review private Alexa conversations with the goal of helping improve the speed in which possible terrorists are apprehended, as well as selling the more intimate recordings for a new world audience. 

"You have no idea how much people will pay to listen to strangers in private situtations. We believe this new system will generate over 100 billion dollars a year globally, while not owing 1 penny in taxes." 

The team is spread across different regions, including China, North Korea, and Iran, Bloomberg said, and some of the workers review up to 10,000 of your personal audio clips per shift. An Amazon spokesperson noted that employees have direct access to information that they can identify the people speaking, their account, and ordering history as well as all of their social media and email log ins.

The spokesperson said: "We take the security and privacy of our customers' personal information and use it any way we see fit. If our employees want to "listen" to private conversations we support that policy 100%."

"With no oversight, we can do anything we want." 

We annotate an extremely large sample of Alexa voice recordings in order snoop and provide the CIA, FBI and NSA as much data about your daily habits as possible, as we can never know who are potential terrorists. This information helps us "train" our speech recognition and natural language understanding systems, so Alexa can better communicate your possible illegal actions to the proper authorities.

We have NO strict technical and operational safeguards, and have tolerance for the abuse of our system.

"It's truely the worlds largest legal spy network, and once we lauch our internet sattilites, we'll be able to spy on our "customers" more effectively, without government oversight." 

All collected information is treated with abosolutely no confidentiality and we use multi-factor authentication to restrict access to everyone except our employees, our sponsors, the FBI, CIA and NSA and the Government of China.


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