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by on April 29, 2019

Only Through Your Love

What seemed eternal lasts but a day
That comes and makes you realize
That nothing so precious can’t be taken away
And even Oblivion can’t dull my cries.

I wish that Time came for me, instead
For without you the sun has left its home
But if Time took me Death only once led
Instead, left in the darkness to roam.

Like a Rose that stands in her gardenly attire
It seems this floral home everlasting
If I could only have frozen such desire
So that beauty lasts, and all else fleeting.

But you, like the Rose, the world blessed to see
And what Heaven gives back to it must return
And you were the flower that grew for me
Now Heaven will take what I can only mourn.

You, like the bird whose notes sound so sweet
Its chords seem to always fill the air
It was your voice that made my world complete
And like a winter that comes no longer there.

Like an Angel that so much love to me give
Too much beauty for this world to keep
I guess Heaven is the home where you must live
To leave a mortal man your absence weep.

If only our moments could never leave
I would trade those for what never seems to give
Or if only from this granted a reprieve
For only through your love did I ever live.

Now all that will be lasting is my sorrow
And, cruel Time, you will not take that, too
But let me know it will be there tomorrow
Only an empty life left remembering you.

So, I should know that life comes with a lease
And what I love only in moments measure
And once they go I will not find any peace
For your love is all that I could ever treasure.


Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, love, romance, poetry