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by on May 16, 2019

Heaven Know

I watch you as Heaven is reclaiming your soul
But a part of it you still will leave behind
So that following its trail to you, one day go
So the happiness we shared, again, with you find.

I am learning that our lives we merely borrow
The time we spend here can never truly own
For the day will come when there is no tomorrow
Except in a realm where only dreams are sown.

And I will see you there, my love, where dreams are true
And though you leave now will never be truly apart
For all that I can ever feel or know comes from you
For all in what makes life real comes from your heart.

I watch as your breaths draw you to a place divine
The one to which, one day, we all, too, go
But Heaven has to concede that you are only mine
For only through our love do Heaven know.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, romance, love, poetry